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wunderkind \VOON-dur-kint\, noun, plural wunderkinder \-kin-dur\:

A child prodigy; one who achieves great success or acclaim at an early age.

Our schnauzers are:
Family members first
Companion, performance, show
Owner handled


Welcome to our website.  We have owned or have been owned by Standard Schnauzers since 1988.  It was then we realized a “thinking dog” was best for us.  Standard Schnauzers are extremely intelligent and highly active.  They are muscular and very athletic. They must have a job to do, and enjoy that job most when they share the experience with you—their owners.  Common jobs for a Standard Schnauzer include work in AKC Rally, Obedience, Herding, Agility, and conformation showing.  We highly advocate that Standard Schnauzer owners involve themselves and their canine companions in these venues.  Owners who are dedicated to these efforts make the best companions for Wunderkind Standard Schnauzers.

  • We breed very infrequently as it is important to us that we be available to new Wunderkind owners, providing guidance and assistance in the grooming, raising and training of their new family member, a Wunderkind Standard Schnauzer.

At Wunderkind, our focus is to always breed to improve, highlighting the improvement of our females.  Females are the most important component in a breeding program and we strive to ensure only the best females in our program are bred.  Above all we finish the AKC Championships on our own dogs without the assistance of professional handlers or groomers. Only then can testament be made that Wunderkind offspring are of true high quality conformation.

We believe that both the sire and dam must earn passing reportable health tests as listed in the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) database.

Wunderkind Brood Bitches must

  • be family members first
  • be AKC Champions of Record
  • have a stable sensible temperament
  • be able to free whelp, naturally, and with ease
  • have OFA hip rating of “Good” or “Excellent”
  • earn OFA elbow rating of “Normal”
  • report CERF eye rating of “Normal/Normal”
  • have thyroid rating of “Normal”
We will not compromise on these test results as we strive to produce an excellent family companion for the future owner of a Wunderkind Standard Schnauzer.

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Important reading: "Standard Schnauzer," by Barbara Dille

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